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New school administrator wants to transform campus Clinton Christian School Chief Administrator Jason Ottley speaks with the safety patrol before the day begins Friday at the Upper Marlboro school. Ottley, 29, is the youngest principal in the school's history and only the second black administrator. Joining him are (from left) Monet Warren of Upper Marlboro, Chloe Madison of Clinton, Danyel Royster of Upper Marlboro, Kania Mayo of Bowie, Kevin Moody of Clinton, Xavier Smoak of Upper Marlboro and Aaron Smith of Clinton, all 11 and in the sixth grade. The new chief administrator of the Clinton Christian School has an ambitious vision for his first year transforming the Upper Marlboro school into Prince George County premier arts academy. Ottley is the school youngest chief administrator and second black administrator in the school 44 year history. He holds a bachelor degree in education and a master in special education from West Virginia University and was appointed in August by Clinton Christian Board of Directors. Using his Capitol Hill background, Ottley hopes to raise funds through grants and campaigns to develop the school campus into a college preparatory and fine arts academy to include baseball and soccer fields, a dance studio and photography lab, among other projects. Ottley said that regardless of his age, he is confident in his skills and believes God has placed him in this position. Choir director and school spokeswoman Karla Scott said many teachers are excited to see someone so youthful hold the position. first thought he has a lot of energy, Scott said. foundation is set [for Ottley], and he can learn what he needs to know. teacher William Lingenfelter of Calvert County, who has taught at the school since 1989, said he is looking forward to new classrooms for the middle and high school students as well as expanding the sports program through new facilities and fields. Over his two decades at the school, Lingenfelter said he has seen the curriculum and fine arts program expand, while the student population has stayed consistent at about 550 students each year. Lingenfelter said he and all other faculty members had an opportunity to sit down with Ottley before the school year started for a one on one meeting and heard only positive reviews of Ottley from other staff members. Ottley said among grants and community fundraisers, he plans to create an alumni association and ask the school vendors to invest in the construction projects. Ottley is currently interviewing both local and national design teams for cost and time estimates for the new athletic and arts buildings. He said that although the school tuition will not rise to aid the project, he said he could not guarantee tuition will not increase due to the vulnerability of the market. Ottley also said tuition prices could increase once the project is complete, as students will be receiving new classes and facilities. The school currently includes 560 students in kindergarten through 12th grades and nearly 40 teachers. The school enrichment program includes music, dance, drama, visual arts, chess and language classes. Enrollment at the school is up 5 percent from last year 530 students, and enrichment classes such as journalism and guitar were added to this year curriculum. While school has been in session for nearly a month, Ottley said he is still settling into his new role and acquainting himself with the staff and students. The former chief administrator, Travis Crutchfield, resigned in April after three years, taking the opportunity to work at a group home with his wife in Baltimore. The school was accredited after 44 years in 2006 under Crutchfield tenure.

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