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Nashoba students show math skills in NYC BOLTON Five Nashoba Regional High School juniors placed third last week in a math focused contest in New York City. The Moody's Mega Math Challenge is organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The event is sponsored by The Moody's Foundation, which was created by Moody's bond rating agency. The teams were tasked with drafting a detailed plan to salvage the Department of Transportation's High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail program. "It's pretty wild," she said. This is the school's fourth year of entering the contest. Theirs is the only team from Massachusetts that placed in the competition. On Wednesday evening, the team and Redford flew to New York for two nights. The contest paid all expenses for the trip, including funding a substitute teacher to cover for Redford. The team consists of students Madeline Jenkins, 17, of Stow; Sam Kirschbaum, 16, of Stow; Joel Sharin, 17, of Stow; Steven Tang, 16, of Stow; and Sorin Vatasoiu, 16, of Marlboro. the same day with no outside help. He said of the 10 rail corridors already proposed, it stood out with the high number of people it would serve, and the rail line would help alleviate the state's infamous traffic congestion. The other rail lines the group considered choosing were in Florida and the Pacific northwest. Kirschbaum said the students have worked together in similar math based projects for the last four years and had no trouble divvying up the work and checking each other's results. Vatasoiu was able to craft a multi variable regression analysis for the project. "We played to our strengths," said Kirschbaum. He said everyone pulled their weight in the project. Sharin said some parts of the project were extremely difficult, like coming up with a model of the impact the rail would have on traffic. Kirschbaum said they found a sweet spot for high speed rail in a distance between 100 and 500 miles. The trains need time to speed up and distances less than 100 miles are too close together. Those beyond 500 miles are better served by airplanes. The school already received $500 for the students placing in the competition; for placing third, each team member will receive $2,000 in scholarship money.

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