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Nearly 200 rescued over 2 days off Ocean City beach Ocean City Beach Patrol Captain Butch Arbin says that on Sunday several swimmers had to be hospitalized, and an ambulance was called for three people who were pushed against rocks. On Monday, rip currents continued to prompt lifeguards to intervene, though no major incidents were reported.Arbin says that in most rescues swimmers were not in distress, but were at risk of being pulled away from shore by a rip current.Even if you informed every single person on a crowded beach (an impossibility), within five minutes a new group would come staggering out of their condos for the first time who would know nothing about the conditions.How attentive are YOU to what going on when you on the beach?Also, those 100 rescues are spread out over 10 miles. Each guard is only going in a couple of times.Accepting the fact that a proportion of these saves are precautionary rather than critical, it is still shows a lot of risks are being taken. Swimming in the ocean demands sobriety and common sense, along with the ability to swim (duh). Are all these people so silly or uninformed that they don know these basic facts? I all for folks being free to enjoy the water, but using one brain is still a good idea. Big kudos to the lifeguards. I hope we don lose one of them due to foolishness by the public.

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