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Neighbors anxious after foreclosures of two area golf courses Besides the occasional golfer who meanders onto the course and all terrain vehicles tearing through, the only sights now at the deserted Lake Arbor Golf Club are weeds and unkempt grass. Residents are growing frustrated and anxious by the course continued deterioration six weeks after the course owner, Hercules O. Pitts of Upper Marlboro, filed April 8 for foreclosure of the course, as well as The Marlborough Golf Club on John Rogers Boulevard in Upper Marlboro. The clubs have not reopened after closing at the end of the 2009 season. Brian Austin, 48, of Mitchellville, who lives next to the Lake Arbor course fourth hole, said mosquitoes are becoming a problem as the long grass remains uncut. Austin likened the abandoned course to a park. are fishing at the lake now, riding ATVs, kids are playing football on the greens, said Austin, a non golfer who did not belong to the course. now a free for all . in the middle of a neighborhood. liens totaling near $1.3 million have been filed against both Lake Arbor Golf LLC and Marlboro Golf LLC between 2008 and 2010, according to online court records from the Prince George County Circuit and District Courts. One lien, a mechanics lien, was filed without a dollar amount. Pitts bought the Lake Arbor course in April 2003 and the Upper Marlboro course in January 2007, according to online property records. The phone numbers for both clubs are disconnected. No one answered the door at Pitts Upper Marlboro home May 10. No phone number is listed for his address. The Lake Arbor Golf Club, which sits on nearly 36 acres on Golf Course Drive and was built in 1967, has 18 holes and a driving range with an indoor snack area and small clubhouse. The Lake Arbor club parking lot, driving range and clubhouse are empty. The Marlborough Golf Club, which also has 18 holes, sits on nearly 16 acres. Marcellus Sistare of Mitchellville, who was a Lake Arbor Golf Club member and whose backyard is next to the course second hole, said he went to play golf at the course around March 1 but found it closed. been watching it every day, and it hasn been opened. There used to be a lot of people who belonged, Sistare said. didn put any money into it. Wolbright, 50, of Clinton, a nonmember who has played at the Lake Arbor course, said it is an eyesore. unfortunate that it in this condition, Wolbright said. Tom Matzen, the deputy director for the county Department of Environmental Resources, said the DER issued a violation notice to the Marlborough Golf Club on April 6 for tall grass, litter, weeds and minor debris and a violation notice to the Lake Arbor Golf Club on Friday for tall grass, weeds and minor debris. Property maintenance is the owner responsibility, but if the violations aren resolved, county agencies will clean up the property to meet the county code requirements and place a lien against the property for work done, Matzen said. Cpl. Mike Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Prince George County Police Department, said trespassing and vandalism are not currently a problem at either club. He said the department received a commercial alarm call for the Lake Arbor club Jan. 3 and four alarm calls for the Marlboro club Jan. 10, March 1, March 9 and April 6, but all five calls were false alarms. Ron Cole, 50, of Mitchellville who lives near the course sixth fairway, said the once well maintained Lake Arbor club has gone downhill. it looks terrible you can see the weeds starting to grow up the fairways, said Cole, a nonmember who golfed at the Lake Arbor course on a weekly basis. what I heard, they always had some problems with the [ownership of the] Lake Arbor golf course, so hopefully they can get some stability with it. End Story area >

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