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New Jersey has a new beat Atlantic City has always had an aesthetic like no other. For years, it has greatest nightclubs, lavish casinos and spas and a picturesque boardwalk, where one can find plenty of old world fun and sun. Yet, Atlantic City has new electricity with a nostalgic theme, "The Roaring Twenties."Since the debut of the show Boardwalk Empire in 2010, Atlantic City has taken a swing back to the 1920s. The show, which takes place during the time of the Prohibition, has opened a new market for Atlantic City and a bright eye to the city's past. One of the most honorable things about Atlantic City is that some of the hotels from the 1920s were preserved, so tourists have somewhat of a realistic idea of its rich history. Atlantic City has even put the tram service back into effect, so visitors could visualize the pre casino era. The tram will go by landmarks that are now casinos like the Resorts Hotel and Casino which was the Chalfonte Haddon Hall, which was two hotels in the 1920s. The tour may also entail the Ritz Carlton, which is still considered exclusive and it's where Enoch "Nucky" Johnson lived, or Bally's casino hotel which was the Marlboro Blenheim. Still another interesting addition is the 1920s based uniforms that the cocktail servers are wearing at Resorts Hotel and Casino. These coquettish uniforms are in the personality of the elegant 1920s flapper costumes. Even though, many have raised a brow at these skimpy costumes as of late, the idea still puts emphasis on the reminiscent theme. There have even been changes to Atlantic City's social scene with a new club that bears the era's namesake, The Prohibition, which is ironic considering that it's a nightclub that serves alcohol. The Prohibition Is a great attraction, because of the diametrically opposed idea of it alone and not to mention the atmosphere. If that doesn't draw a crowd than another 1920s based event probably will, like the Swing dance off. "The dance off is held to commemorate Atlantic City's rich history" said Ted Larson, the coordinator of Swing New Jersey's dance off. These dancers execute some of the scariest turns and throws; but mesmerize people with upbeat, yet intricate dance moves, which makes anyone want to put on his/her dancing shoes.

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